Why Choose Us

Class Size:
At St. Mary’s Grade School, we take pride in offering smaller class sizes. This empowers our staff to focus our attention on each students needs, fostering a supportive and personalized learning environment. Our families enjoy our small school feel offering big opportunities for our students.

We provide a strong sense of community within our school which creates a close-knit and supportive atmosphere for students, teachers, and parents. Our families appreciate the sense of belonging and shared values within the school community. If you are a new family, or just looking for new opportunities, please contact the school to learn more about our community.

Catholic Identity:
Here are some key elements that contribute to the Catholic identity of our school:

- Religious Education: We offer religious education classes as part of the core curriculum. These classes aim to teach students about Catholic beliefs, sacraments, traditions, and moral teachings.

- Prayer and Worship: Prayer and worship are essential components of our daily life.
Students participate in regular prayer services, Masses, and other religious observances.

- Sacramental Preparation: We take pride in preparing our students to receive the
sacraments, such as First Communion and First Reconciliation, in collaboration with the
students' families and the local parish.

- Religious Symbols and Traditions: Catholic symbols, such as crucifixes and religious
artwork, are typically displayed throughout our school. We observe Catholic traditions
and liturgical seasons.

- Values and Virtues: We place a strong emphasis on teaching values and virtues
consistent with Catholic teachings, such as compassion, honesty, respect, and service to

- Service and Social Justice: We promote a sense of social responsibility and encourage
students to engage in community service and charitable activities to help those in need.
We serve our community in various service projects throughout the year.

- Integration of Faith and Learning: Our Catholic identity involves integrating the Catholic faith into all areas of learning, including subjects like science, history, literature, and art. This integration helps students see the connection between their faith and the world around them.

- Faith-Filled Community: The school community, including teachers, staff, students, and
parents, comes together to support and live out the Catholic faith, fostering a sense of
belonging and fellowship.

- Respect for Diversity: While we are rooted in Catholic teachings, we also often
emphasize respect for diversity and inclusivity, welcoming students from various
cultural backgrounds and faith traditions.

For questions about our Catholic Identity, please contact the school or St. Mary Queen of the Universe Catholic Church.

We strive to keep our tuition and fees low for our families while offering a high-quality Catholic education. We are proud to offer tuition assistance and scholarship opportunities to aid our families. For more information about tuition, please contact the school at 785-827-4200.

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St. Mary's Grade School

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