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My name is Mandy Cranmer
I am the school nurse here at St. Mary's Grade School. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

[email protected]

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A Registered Nurse supervises the Health Program at St. Mary’s School. Any medication is under the direction of the school nurse. There must be written directions provided from a physician for any prescription medication. Vision and hearing screenings will be done according to the KDHE regulations. Parents will be notified of ABNORMAL findings.

All communicable diseases must be reported to the office for reporting to the Health Department. Students with such diseases may return to school with a note from their doctor. As communicable diseases are reported, notices are sent home to parents for the grade levels it affects.


NOTE:  If a child has a fever of 100.4 or greater, he/she may return ONLY after being fever free for 24 hours WITHOUT FEVER-REDUCING MEDICATION (approved by School Council 11-9-20). If a child has been ill, they must be vomit, and diarrhea free for 24 hours WITHOUT MEDICATION before     returning to school. If students are absent due to illness, they are not allowed to attend a school function that evening.

Persons confirmed to have influenza should stay home for five days following onset of symptoms or until fever free for 24 hours (without use of fever-reducing medications), whichever is longer, per Kansas requirement. According to CDC, persons with influenza are considered infectious for   5-7 days after becoming sick.

If a child gets sick at school (vomits or diarrhea), they will be required to stay home for 24 hours before returning to school as long as they have not vomited or had diarrhea since leaving school. A child must be vomit and    diarrhea free for a total of 24 hours  before returning to School.(Please note, it is 24 hours from the time they leave school).