COVID Information

Moving Forward with Hope

Re-Entry School Plan
St. Mary’s School – Salina, Kansas


“St. Mary’s Grade School’s mission is to form lifelong learners of faith through spiritual guidance and academics who serve the church and community.”  We strive to meet this mission every day and will continue to live this mission regardless of the educational setting. Our vision is that we are United in Christ-Body, Mind and Spirit. We inspire our students in the Love of Learning and the Learning of Love. We cherish our core principles of unity, faith, and learning.

Our expectation is that the current pandemic will continue to challenge our schools, at least through the 2020-2021 school year. Therefore, we need to implement procedures to meet the ever changing and uncertain learning environment. We will continue to be guided by our desire to keep our families safe, to minister to the spiritual and mental health of our community, and to provide an excellent Catholic education.

This document is meant to be a practical guide for our school, families and students as we navigate the upcoming school year. The information contained herein will probably change based on the information available to us from health experts and public officials. We recognize that there will be varying levels of comfort with parents and faculty members concerning a safe return for children at school. The following plan attempts to address these different viewpoints. The plan allows for flexibility, transparency and prioritizes an emphasis on the health and safety of our community. In all this effort, we are currently working towards a return to “normal” school.

A word of gratitude to the conversations of staff, administration, parents and school council for their contributions and responding to surveys sent out.

During our accreditation process and in exploring the mission of our school with pastors, administration, teachers and parents, there have been certain themes that have emerged confirming who we are as a Catholic school community. This is the driving force for Moving Forward with Hope Plan. Our priorities are as follows:

  • Catholic identity and mission must be front and center.
  • Safe environment of student, teacher, and community is paramount.
  • Schools are student-centered.
  • Support diverse populations of students.
  • We are “family” orientated.
  • Academic excellence is a benchmark of St. Mary’s School.
  • We are here to serve with compassion.

General Safety of Students and Staff

Temperature Check: Should be done at home each morning. Parents/Guardians must be the screeners. Following policy, no student with a temperature of over 100 degrees should be sent to school. Parents have in the past medicated a child to get a temperature down and then sent the individual to school. This cannot happen for the sake of all other students, especially during this pandemic.

  • Students and staff will have temperatures checked upon entering the building.

Handwashing/Sanitizing: This is our #1 strategy for safety at all levels. In school, hands will be washed/sanitized several times a day, in particular upon entering for the day.


  • Preschoolers: Will not be required to wear masks.
  • Kindergarten-6th Grade: Required when entering/exiting building, in hallways or other common areas. May be worn all of the time for specific medical conditions or family preference (complete the form in the office).

****A mask should be provided from home, any type or print allowed.****

Vaccinations: Recommend all students and staff have the influenza immunization by November.

Scenario A: Providing distance between homeroom classrooms of students in On-Site Learning Environment

Definition:The focus of Scenario A(during normal school hours) is the distance between classrooms of students. Homeroom classes exist to minimize crossover among children and adults within the school; the exact size of the homeroom may vary.

Description in brief:

  • In person, regular staffing of grade levels.
  • Mass should follow current Diocesan guidelines.
  • Student gatherings indoors or outdoors may be limited to groups of 45 or less.
  • Before and after school extended care will occur with social distancing.
  • Students will bring and use personal water bottles.
  • Students in all grade levels shall have assigned seats.
  • In the 5th and 6th Grade department settings, it is advised that teachers move from room to room.
  • Elementary PE/music/art/etc. should be outside as much as possible or in homerooms.
  • Library books will not be checked out from the main library, only classroom libraries.
  • The drop-off and pick-up procedures may be altered to alleviate congestion.
  • No field trips away from campus or assembles will be scheduled.
  • Lunch schedule and/or seating may be altered to maintain distancing.
  • Recess schedule may be altered to maintain class-to-class social distance.
  • Passing periods may be staggered to minimize students in the hall.
  • Desks should be placed 4 feet apart when feasible.
  • Visitors will be limited to the building.
  • Scheduled volunteers will have temperature taken upon arrival and must wear a mask.
  • Vocal music and instrumental music may be limited to meet; however, there should be no indoor instrumental group or ensemble singing until further directives are publicized by our local health department.

Hygiene, Homework and Grading:

Preschool – Masks not required

  • Handwashing ~ Sanitizing, upon entering and frequently
  • Homeroom classes not mixing within the building
  • Using outdoors as much as possible with social distancing

Grades Kindergarten-6th Grade

  • Handwashing ~ Sanitizing, upon entering and frequently
  • Homeroom classes to minimize crossover among children
  • Homeroom classes not mixing
  • Utilize outdoor space when possible with social distancing
  • Masks required at all times with an exception while eating lunch.

Homework and Grading:
Policies will remain consistent to individual school policies, classroom teacher expectations, and established best practices.

Scenario B: Hybrid Learning: Students will be spending part of their time in the classroom and part of the time learning virtually from home.

Description in brief:

Should new guidelines for students to meet in smaller group sizes come forth from Saline County Health Department or the Kansas State Department of Education, a Hybrid Learning Environment will take place. The Hybrid Learning option may also be utilized if staffing becomes problematic with a loss of staff due to COVID-19.  If this should occur, defined details will follow.

Same guidelines will occur as Scenario A when students are in school.

Hygiene, Homework and Grading:

Same guidelines will occur as Scenario A when students are in school.

Homework and Grading:

Same guidelines will occur as Scenario A when students are in school.

Scenario C: Remote Learning at Home

Definition:  In Scenario C, school buildings will be closed. Student learning will occur mainly at home. Most instruction will be virtual. Should new guidelines occur that would require schools to close, defined details will follow.