Mission Statement

 The mission of St. Mary’s Grade School is to form lifelong learners of Faith through spiritual guidance and academics, who serve and lead in Church and community.

 Vision Statement

To fulfill our mission St. Mary’s School thrives to nurture the following goals:

Goal #1 is to provide a positive and disciplined atmosphere in order to stimulate effective study habits so that students can achieve the skills for independent, ethical reasoning and problem solving.

Goal #2 is integrating educational opportunities with spiritual experiences, which emphasize the heritage, privileges, and responsibilities of the Catholic way of life to inspire growth through prayer, Sacramental life, liturgy planning and participation.

Goal #3 is to provide a variety of artistic, academic, and physical activities that provide students the opportunity to develop positive leadership and teamwork skills operating under the core values of integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and servant leadership.

Goal #4 is to develop our God-given gifts and talents through the knowledge, skills, and activities offered by providing a Christ-like environment with high expectations for personal excellence from parents, students, staff, and clergy.

Goal #5 is to promote responsible Christians with a desire for social justice, service, charity, and compassion for others.

Goal #6 is to engage and educate the entire family in the Catholic faith.