School Accreditation

St. Mary’s Grade School recently hosted an accreditation visit from AdvancEd.  AdvancEd is a national accreditation organization working with over 32,000 educational institutions representing over 20 million students.

The accreditation process includes the school’s assessment of the school’s curriculum plan, stakeholders’ feedback (surveys of students, parents, and staff).  Data analysis of the previous five years is also reviewed.

An external team visits the school to conduct on-site observations, interviews, and verification of school performance.  An Index Education Quality Score (IEQ) is generated by combining ratings of level performance in three domains: Teaching and Learning Impact, Leadership Capacity, and Resource Utilization.

St. Mary’s Grade School’s overall IEQ score was 326 out of 400 possible points.  The three domains rated:  Teaching and Learning, 324/400; Leadership Capacity, 327/400; and Resource Utilization, 329/400.  The visiting team recommended a full five year accreditation for St. Mary’s School.

A full report is expected by June.  Congratulations to Teachers, Students, Parents, and Patrons who support our school.